Centerpiece Presentation

Conceived and created illustration and designed this Sunday business centerpiece for The Albany Herald

Vertical centerspread in a tab-formatted paper

This is my original layout for a recent doubletruck in one of our local editions. We ended up tweaking it (LayoutChamp was having trouble with the transparency), but I still prefer this original version. (2015)

A vertical doubletruck presentation created inside a tab section. Did design and created both print and online versions of the map.

neighborsgo cover story package

State Fair Photo Contest winners spread

State Fair Photo Contest winners spread, Version 2. I created four weeks of these from a template I designed. I also wrote the headlines. (Note the ride is called “The Magnum.” :)

Pull-out special section cover; ran in neighborsgo but was also printed for the city

Larger photo was intended to make readers feel like they were in the garden

Neighborsgo centerpiece: created photo illo from staff images, designed page

Wrote story, created photo illustration and designed page

Neighborsgo centerspread design

I created the overall shell, which was used by me and my team of designers to create 11 fully localized centerpieces for our editions, marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.